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When it comes to art I can't seem to get enough. I try to surround myself with all the beauty this world has to offer and for that reason I'm expanding my creativity into wearable art. Go see my new line of One-of-a-kind Handbags and Couture Accessories at I hope you will like what you see.

Contemporary Art

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On the last day, deadline, to submit artwork for the 2014 International Arts Festival, I submitted two of my newest pieces of art for jury. Normally, I like to do things ahead of time since I have a tendency to be a perfectionist. But, fortunately for me, I had become aware of this competition moments before I submitted my work. In this case, my tendency to be prepared paid off since I had digital photos of finished work on hand. Today I received news that my work received “Honorable Mention” and will be included in the 2014 IAF Catalog which will go on sale sometime in the future.