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New Gallery Renovations in France

Posted on December 1, 2015 at 4:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Due to recent tragic events in Paris, the plans for moving in and renovating of my new Art Studio in St. Laurent de Ceris have been put on hold until the first part of January 2016.

Since I made the bid to purchase the three story Maison de Maitre in early 2015, a few more weeks of waiting won't hurt when compared to the months of waiting from first bid to final purchase! Wow, but so worth it.

However, as an artist I've always been able to close my eyes and see each and every detail of a picture I want to create on a blank canvas. Then, I'm in motion - sketching the images in my mind's eye onto the canvas with paint brushes and acrylic colors instead of using a pencil to sketch onto the canvas.

In renovating my new Home/Studio/Gallery, I'm using the same technique as I would a picture on a canvas. Most nights, I'm wide awake envisioning the new wall textures and the interior colors I plan to use and of course the paintings that must hang on those walls. 

And, since my personal apartments will be on the first and second floors over the ground floor Gallery, I'm having a great time painting new pictures I want to see each and everyday as I have my morning tea on the balcony over looking the square, or entertaining my new friends from the UK. This is what I call "Art for Design."