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Energy Unbound

At the age of six, Cyn Terese was fortunate to find her true love sitting on a tray full of sample paints. With brush in hand, she set her sights on the outside of her mother’s house where she gave free reign to the passion that was ready to come alive, much to her parent’s dismay. For the next two years, Cyn Terese sketched and painted with total abandonment on her bedroom wall which her father had prepared for her by giving it a base coat of white paint and a frame to contain her masterpieces. Cyn Terese was on her way to living a life full of happiness and full of creativity with brush in hand.

Then life happened, and as we all know, part of growing up requires leaving behind childhood dreams.

For the next twenty years, Cyn Terese did not pick up a pencil to sketch or a brush to paint.

Yet creativity in Cyn Terese was like the mighty force of a raging stream, eternally seeking a way to breach its boundaries. At the age of twelve, she sold a mini story to a popular children’s magazine. At thirteen, she formed an after-school drama club where she wrote several plays. At fifteen, she was writing lyrics for music she heard in her dreams. At nineteen, she taught herself to play the guitar and proceeded to compose various musical scores while she took a few years off before returning to college. By twenty four, her music played on the radio during “Fresh Tracks” evenings. Yet, no matter what form in which her creativity manifested itself, it somehow always left a profound emptiness, a void that seemed to never be filled. While in college for a degree in Psychology, and subsequently a Masters in Education at a Distance, Cyn Terese found her one true love again in a painting studio which contained a naked man.

During her last semester before obtaining her degree in Psychology with Highest Honors, she found herself standing in an empty hallway waiting to attend her very last elective class of the semester before graduation. While waiting outside the closed door, directly across the hallway Cyn Terese noticed a naked man sitting on a chair in an art studio surrounded by students sketching him. Sneaking peeks into the art studio, and of course at the naked man that seemed completely comfortable in his scrawny, skeletal like frame, she noticed that her heart was fluttering much like when one falls in love – no not with the naked man but with the energy of the art studio. Cyn Terese also noticed that the scent of oil paint and linseed oil gave her a sense of true comfort and warmth much like when one sits by a warm crackling fire on Christmas Eve. 

Cyn Terese found this sense of completeness foreign since she had all but forgotten that she was once a painter of sorts. Discovering this new sensation that almost made her want to weep with joy, she had to explore it further. Since all she needed was an (any) elective to graduate, Cyn Terese decided to register for the painting class instead. Then reality set in. She didn't know how to paint - and she didn't want to be embarrassed showing her ineptitude. While attending the latter part of class that day, Cyn Terese became aware that the next assignment was for each student to pick a master painter and paint a study of one of his paintings. Since Vincent Van Gogh’s expressionist style of painting was pretty much out there, Cyn Terese chose the “Cypresses with Two Female Figures” to paint. At the very least, mimicking his mad, wild brush strokes could cover up her complete inexperience with paint on canvas.

The experience she obtained and the undeniable sensation of “finding home” in that class made up for a life of half truths she didn’t even know she was living. Even her parents saw in her eyes the joy of life that she miraculously regained during that last semester before graduation. Although Cyn Terese discovered her true love again, after graduation she had to follow the career plan she had set in motion years before, of being an advocate for children in abusive homes and in the foster care system.

When she arrived in Washington, DC ready to work for the House of Representatives, she also found a group of talented and welcoming artists at the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop (CHAW) and the Capitol Hill Arts League (CHAL). There she quickly moved up the ranks and had numerous group showings as well as Solo shows throughout DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Cyn Terese also founded “Versos del Alma,” an afterschool program for impoverished inner-city teens, where they learned the basics of painting as well as English Literacy. She also founded an art program for battered women, where they could feel free to express themselves and also receive therapy through art.

Cyn Terese established her first art studio at 921 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE, in Washington, DC where she taught the art of painting and held therapy sessions through art. Years later, she moved out to Southern Maryland where the sounds of clip clops and the buggy wheels of the Amish who reside in the area bring a sense of comfort. Her country art studio is surrounded by beautiful vistas of sunny wheat fields and deer grazing in green pastures, with the scents of Lavender, Jasmine, Roses, Honeysuckle, and Wisteria, and the sounds of tree frogs, squirrels, and birds that live in the woods.

Surrounded by all that loveliness of nature and rolling hills, Cyn Terese undeniably enjoys painting landscapes. Although her preferred style of painting is a mixture of expressionism in the midst of surreal/abstract using oils, Cyn Terese has switched to painting with acrylics as they are quicker to dry and the results are similar to oils in richness of color and texture. Where the thick texture in her oil paintings was achieved by building up with paint alone, Cyn Terese has discovered a variety of ways to achieve the same thickness of texture using acrylics. The results are uncanny leaving clients to ask, “Is this oil or acrylic?” Cyn Terese incorporates a variety of substances such as handmade paper, drywall mud, molding gel, ribbons as stencils, metals, and found items to express her real and surreal/abstract images.

As for subject matter, Cyn Terese is an avid world traveler who enjoys taking hundreds of pictures of architecture, landscapes, seascapes, city streets, people strolling enjoying the sites, as well as the ordinary activities of everyday life. 

“When I’m creating a piece of artwork, time does not exist. It begins with a memory, or a feeling, or a desire, or a comforting sound that needs a visual form to make it come to life. This visual representation is my way of sorting things out; of understanding events in my life and the world I live in.”