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Cyn Terese Fine Art


"The artwork of Cyn Terese is illumination in motion. Her artwork carries you deep into the world of the imagination, where you can see more of the world than you can perceive by merely observing what is on the surface, thus altering your perception of reality in a way that strikes at the very core of your soul ."

- Tony C, 

"Absolutely beautiful art. When I looked at the pictures, I felt connected to it." 

- Elsa     

"I see a lot of passion in all of your work. It takes time and a wonderful mind to create all of this. Keep it up and blessings."

 - Chrisy C.

 "Van Gogh meets fairy tale! Very Unique!


"Love your oil and acrylic paintings! Absolutely beautiful!"

- Victoria

"You truly exemplify what true individuality should be. Keep inspiring others!

  - Michael Schuster

"Your artwork is fabulous. Sure it's a talent and you're gifted. I love the Ireland painting, it looks so real! "

  - Judy Trozano

"Beautiful art! Beautiful energy! Paintings come to life and sparks warm emotions!

  - Leslie K.

"I see the Menorah and the Lion of Judah in the Shroud of Turin painting. What a blessing!" 

 - Sarah

"I do see a lot of passion in all of your work. It takes time and a wonderful mind to create all of this."

- Chrisy C.

"I love your use of color, pattern, and texture in your paintings. Your art has more of a 3 - dimensional quality, with rich details and perspective. I feel like I could step right into your paintings!"

- Cassie Melvin 

"Shroud of Turin painting is so beautiful and what an amazing story!

 - Sandy S.

"The depth and emotion pops off the canvas and draws you in."

 - Melissa Rose Player

" Spectacular texture and color combined to make amazing paintings."

 - Dominic Chiappetta

"Artwork that transports the observer!"

- Madeleine Tobias

"Deep beautiful vibrant art!"

- Lisa Sraders

"Ethereal, dreamy art! Range of textures that evoke the full human experienc

 - Anonymous

"Beautiful oil paintings! Especially the boats on the water."

- Cory

"Love your paintings! You're inspiring me to paint and travel!"

- Anonymous

"Fantastic work! I am inspired and amazed to create!"

- Sophie

"There is no way I can describe how amazing and wonderful these paintings really are! Your style is so life-like yet it has an aspect of fantasy. It 's almost like I'm looking at glimpses of a dream. This is a perfect example of what a single person is capable of with her own mind and hands. What I'm writing here is the honest truth. Never stop making such beauty..."

 - Crystal K.

"These paintings are so beautiful they are food for the eyes."

- Alice M

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